European maritime security experts met at Laurea

​Laurea Leppävaara Campus in Espoo hosted two important project meetings this week when representatives from EUCISE2020 and MARISA projects met in Finland. Both of these European Commission funded projects concern maritime security and information sharing between authorities.

EUCISE2020: Building trust among the participants

Laurea University of Applied Sciences has been a partner in the EUCISE2020 project since 2014. EUCISE2020 is a joint project involving 37 civilian and military organizations and it aims at improving information sharing between the maritime authorities of the European States by developing a pre-operational test bed.

- EUCISE project is setting up a test bed - a nucleus of a network - around which the large number of authorities from 12 different European member states can start experimenting the change of information, explains Italian Franco Oliveri, the Secretary of the Technical Advisory Group on maritime surveillance.

Laurea is responsible for a work package in the project that deals with dissemination of information. Franco Oliveri sees dissemination as a key part of the overall CISE (Common Information Sharing Environment) development process:

- Key part of this project is building trust among the participants and the success of EUCISE2020 project is based on the acceptance of what this project is proposing. Laurea as a university can setup a right kind of module to disseminate the information about this project and it´s benefits, Oliveri says.

Laurea engaging user community in MARISA project

The EUCISE2020 project will continue until summer 2018 but another joint European project focusing on maritime surveillance awareness, called MARISA, has just started in May. MARISA brings together 22 organizations from 9 different countries and it is coordinated by Italian company Leonardo. The project seeks to address the need to strengthen the information exchange to optimize the surveillance of the EU maritime area and its maritime borders.

- This project kicked off in Rome in May and since the beginning we’ve had very interested participation from all the partners. This demonstrates the willingness to co-operate in resolving the common challenge, tells MARISA Project Coordinator Francesco Cazzato from Leonardo.

In MARISA project Laurea UAS is responsible for the user need analysis and development of the operational scenarios, as well as, the ethical context and societal impact analysis.

- This first project meeting is related to the involvement of the user community in to the project and that’s why it was logical to ask Laurea to host this meeting, Cazzato says.
- In the beginning we need to know exactly what the needs of the users are and how to translate these needs in to requirements for the future toolkit we are developing, he continues.


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​Participants of the EUCISE2020 project meeting at Laurea Leppävaara campus.