Employers Stepping Up project: boost your employer image

Laurea University of Applied Sciences has started an Employers Stepping Up –project, for which it is searching for partners. The goal of the project is to offer internet coverage and a boost of image for companies and communities free of charge. In addition Laurea will provide assistance in matters regarding student recruitment.

The new website of Laurea was launched on the 29th of January 2015. From the new website Laurea’s partners in the labour market and the companies of the area will easily find the services they need for developing their business. With this reformation it is possible for Laurea to offer associated companies a chance to have their logo with appropriate linking and a brief introduction of their operation at laurea.fi –website.

The latest ranking (2014) shows that graduates from Laurea found work exceptionally well. Laurea had the highest rate of employment after graduating with the percentage of 97.9%. For almost ten years the graduates of Laurea have found their way to the demanding labour market of Finland unlike any other. Each year almost 1500 highly educated professionals graduate from Laurea and the most of them will start their careers in the Uusimaa area. During this spring Laurea will celebrate the graduation of the 20 000th professional with a degree from Laurea.

For more information, please contact

Juha Niemi
Project Manager
+358 (0)40 630 3940, juha.niemi@laurea.fi

Modified 3/9/2015 10:34 AM