Education and research actors in the security management sector to work together

Five Finish security management sector actors will intensify their collaboration and conclude an agreement with the aim of stepping up their cooperation in the fields of research and education. The parties to this cooperation are  Crisis Management Centre Finland, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, the Emergency Services College, the Police University College and the Training Institute for Prison and Probation Sertices. 

The parties to the cooperation network signed their agreement in Vantaa on Wednesday, 15 April.

The aim of the security management sector cooperation network for education and research is to improve the international, societal and regional impact and visibility of the sector. The cooperation may involve joint projects and investments, participation at fairs, communication and publications.

The presidency of the cooperation network will rotate on a yearly basis.The network's presidency will be held by Laurea University of Applied Sciences until 2016.

- The purpose of the agreement is striving to create synergies between various education and training institutions that will promote the development of research and education related to comprehensive security, explains Isto Mattila, Director of the focus area of Security, Safety and Social Responsibility in Laurea.
- An activity-centred cooperation model will provide individual network members opportunities for developing their research and education activities while also promoting more efficient operation by eliminating overlapping efforts.

Laurea is the only University of Applied Sciences in Finland that offers security management sector education, and security, safety and social responsibility is one of the strengths of Laurea's RD&I activities. Laurea's research and education activities cover everything from prevention to rehabilitation, without forgetting the more technical and technological approaches to safety and security.

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Director Isto Mattila
Security, Safety and Social Responsibility, Laurea University of Applied Sciences
+358 (0)40 5881108, isto.mattila(at)


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