Concrete steps in cooperation between Laurea and University of Johannesburg

​Representatives of the top management of the University of Johannesburg visited Finland and Laurea University of Applied Sciences at the end of November and beginning of December. The delegation consisted of the chair of the university’s Council, Professor Roy Marcus, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Jaco van Schoor, the management of the university’s faculties, and people in charge of research and entrepreneurship activities.

During their visit, the representatives from the University of Johannesburg met Laurea’s top management. The aim of the discussions was to find concrete forms of building cooperation between the universities.

- Our cooperation in RDI will be launched with shared project preparation, explains R&D Director Isto Mattila from Laurea. 
- The project we will prepare is related to the European Commission’s Horizon2020 programme and focuses on developing a better living environment for the growing urban population. The aim is to complete the project application for the first stage by March 2017.

Concrete steps of cooperation in training activities were also discussed between the South Africans and Laurea. Katri Ojasalo, Director responsible for Master’s Degree programmes at Laurea, says the discussions were fruitful:

- The representatives of the University of Johannesburg were particularly interested in the service design expertise at Laurea. And they are very strong in the field of Consumer Intelligence and Information Systems, so it would be possible to start building cooperation in these two areas of expertise, says Ojasalo.
- We also discussed the possible forms of cooperation, which could in the beginning include online studies and intensive periods of contact study offered by the universities to each other’s students and teachers. Regarding long-term plans, the possibility to start building cooperation in the form of a multidisciplinary degree programme in service design was discussed.

The University of Johannesburg is one of the biggest universities in South Africa. The multidisciplinary university has about 50 000 students


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​The representatives from the University of Johannesburg and Laurea University of Applied Sciences.