CoCo Tool Kit gains success in European Union Women Innovators and Inventors Network competition

​Principal Lecturer, PhD Katri Ojasalo and Project Manager, Doctoral Researcher Krista Keränen won the European Union Women Innovators and Inventors Network (EUWIIN) competition in the category of Capacity Building.
Katri Ojasalo and Krista Keränen represented Laurea University of Applied Sciences in a competition organized by the EUWIIN European Union Women Innovators and Inventors Network. The competition is organized once in every two years, and this year’s competition was the fourth in turn. The aim of the competition is to raise general knowledge of the need for new innovations in the European Union and make women working in different fields of innovation known. The competition granted women who have developed and launched a significant innovation to the market. The innovation can be a product, concept or a service. The prizes were given in four main categories: the Woman Innovator of the Year, Capacity Building, Creativity and Education. Katri Ojasalo and Krista Keränen won the category of Capacity Building with their innovation which is a set of tools called “the CoCo Tool Kit” that enhances co-creation activities within businesses.
Within Laurea UAS, Krista Keränen and Katri Ojasalo have developed the CoCo Tool Kit together in an active partnership with the VTT Technical Research Centre Finland and a few partner companies and in collaboration with the University of Cambridge. One also significant co-creator in the innovation process was Bernhard Dusch from the University of Cambridge, who is responsible of the clever visual design of the CoCo Tool Kit. The CoCo Tool Kit enables businesses to adopt a co-creative business approach, evaluate and communicate their current business approach and co-create together with different stakeholders. Especially the fifth tool of the CoCo Tool Kit, that is, the CoCo Cosmos, is a very powerful communication tool for businesses to co-create with their stakeholders. It uses cards as a visual method of depicting a service setting. It is mainly designed for company-customer activities in service business, but it can be used in different settings.
The European Union Women Innovators and Inventors Network competitions conference and exhibition was held in Stockholm 27.–28.11.2013. Katri Ojasalo and Krista Keränen were the only Finnish finalists in the competition. The other 72 finalists came from Sweden, Island, Poland, Italy, the Great Britain and Estonia, among other countries. Their innovations were related to, for example, medical research, education, health, beauty and fashion.

For more information:

Krista Keränen, +358 46 856 7483
Katri Ojasalo, +358 40 736 6253
Margit Lumia, Director of the Laurea Leppävaara unit, +358 50 599 4923

Bios Krista & Katri:

Krista Keränen
Krista Keränen has more than 20 years of experience working as an entrepreneur in service business. Currently Krista is finalizing her PhD in service design at the University of Cambridge, UK. Her PhD research  is a part of a Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) funded research project called CoCo (From Co-production to Co-creation) that she managed as a Project Manager at Laurea University of Applied Sciences in 2010-2013.  Before this Krista Keränen also worked as a Senior Lecturer in 2001-2008 and as a Development Manager in 2008-2010 at Laurea UAS.
Katri Ojasalo
With more than 20 years of experience on service business development and research, Katri Ojasalo has built extensive networks within the service field and has undertaken projects and studies for a wide range of service contexts. She completed her Ph.D at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki in 1999 examining service productivity in her doctoral thesis.
Presently Katri is a board member of the Finnish Service Alliance (FSA), and she runs a special interest group in the FSA focusing on "service logic in business models". She has been involved in founding the Finnish Chapter of Service Design Network (SDN) and organizing the Helsinki Service Jam as a part of the Global Service Jam.  Katri is currently heading two Master’s degree programs at Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Espoo, Finland: the Degree Programme in Service Innovation and Design (in English) and the Degree Programme in Service Business (in Finnish). Katri has also acted as a scientific leader in several internationally funded R&D projects in service business at Laurea UAS, for example in the CoCo project mentioned above.

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