Laurea students take part in Cambridge Venture Camp

Cambridge Venture Camp 2017 – is a student driven entrepreneurship camp for all Laurea UAS students. Camp is organized by Laurea Entrepreneurship Society (LaureaES) and Laurea University of Applied Sciences, with application process and programs of the camp designed by Laurea Entrepreneurship Society Ry team. Organising LaureaES team consists of five this year's board members; Teijo Javanainen, Andre Juselius, Nicole Kahila, Kasper Kontola and Jesse Korhonen.

LaureaES mission is to promote entrepreneurship not only as a possible career choice, but also as a mindset. LaureaES will provide the motivation and inspiration necessary to transform student's ideas into action. LaureaES aim is to educate our community to become the best version of their entrepreneurial selves and to go after their ideas.

This year's camp was only for Laurea UAS students and especially limited to 15 most potential applicants. Application was open to teams and individuals, but only 15 persons could be taken into Cambridge week which is the highlight of the camp.

Application process to Cambridge

Laurea is known for its support and encouragement towards entrepreneurial attitude and it is seen in the attitude of students. By doing projects such as Cambridge Venture Camp, LaureaES aims to increase student's knowledge as well as give new insights about entrepreneurship and work life-skills.

There was record-amount of applications with high ambitions from almost every campus, and almost every study-degrees. Almost 50 individual applications were read and carefully evaluated before the interview-sessions. Group interviews were organized by LaureaES in Leppävaara campus for the most potential applicants, and the final decisions were made based on students' performances there.

Selected students for the camp

Selected students have already done their first tasks regarding the camp, and the process will continue until the end of April.  

Selected students

Anna Sofia Nevanlinna, K Ranki, Saki Salomäki, Matilda Vaulasvirta, Roni Jarkko, Toni Nikander,
Tatu Päivinen, Joonas Metsärinne, Samuli Moilanen, Kati Rantanen, Mervi Kleimola, Niina Rinkinen, Minh Duc Tran, Phuoc Tho Doan, Minh Thu Ho Tran. 

Students have already managed through the first part of the camp. Follow their journey here.

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