Brandenburg Secretary of State visited Laurea

The Secretary of State of the German state of Brandenburg and two civil servants visited the Leppävaara campus on Friday, December 1 to learn about Laurea's research and development activities. The aim of the meeting was to identify possibilities for future collaboration involving Laurea, the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council, and Brandenburg. At the event the guests were given a general presentation of Laurea's activities, areas of education, fields of research, strategy, and various projects. Laurea Vice President Kyösti Väkeväinen also gave the guests a general briefing on Finland's educational system and on the funding model of education.

The guests were especially interested in Laurea's Learning by Developing model. "Students do not only work on projects - they operate in them as active developers", said Senior Manager Harri Haapaniemi.

Projects that were mentioned included the USCO-project (Using Digital Co-Creation for Business Development) for developing the readiness of Finnish companies and public organisations for the utilisation of digitalisation especially in the development of customer-driven services. The ROSE project funded by the Academy of Finland also raise interest among the guests.  The ROSE project examines how the possibilities of robotics could be used in well-being services and caring work, especially in elderly care.  Also at the meeting was the social robot Pepper, which has also been part of the ROSE project. Pepper reacts to human speech and touch, is able to identify and remember different users, and to identify people's emotional states.


 Photo:Anne Quart acquainting herself with the Pepper the robot.

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In the photo from left to right are Laurea Vice President Kyösti Väkeväinen, Brandenburg state civil servants Anne Weingart and Reiner Kneifel-Haverkamp, Brandenburg Secretary of State Anne Quart, Laurea Senior Manager Harri Haapaniemi, Pepper the robot, and Laurea project worker Jaakko Porokuokka.