Arjen älykkäät välineet. Opas ikääntyneiden kotona asumisen tueksi –guide

​Valli group association has published a new guide, "Arjen älykkäät välineet - Opas ikääntyneiden kotona asumisen tueksi". the guide presents products that might aid people in their everyday life. THe presented products are examples of larger product categories. The guide mentions some of our collaborators such as... Menumat Ltd, Solentium Ltd, Circly (Pieni Piiri), Vivago Ltd, Safera Ltd, Flexound Systems Ltd, Oppifi Ltd, Doro, Addoz Ltd,PPO-Elektroniikka Ltd, Yepzon Ltd ja Kuulotekniikka Ltd. The guide also lists presentation points and test sites, among which Technology Library has a well deserved spot.

The Guide can be found here (In Finnish):

Modified 3/10/2017 1:10 PM

​Coverpage of the Guide