Alumna Jonna Javanainen: Laurea is part of life even after graduation

​Jonna Javanainen graduated from Laurea as a nurse in 2012. After her graduation, Jonna has spent most of her career working in the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusima. At the turn of the year, she will start working in the Hospital District of South Ostrobothnia.

- In the future, I hope I will get to work as a nurse abroad. I believe that Finnish competence is valued internationally and, for me, having completed a degree at Laurea will make it possible, she says.

Active attitude in alumni operations

After alumni activities were incorporated into Laurea's operations, three core groups were formed for promoting the development of activities: the Alumni Delegation, Alumni Advisory Board and the Alumni Activities Development Group. Objectives were determined for all of the groups at the time of their establishment in 2014.  Jonna Javanainen was selected to the first Alumni Delegation, which consists of 100 Laurea graduates.

- I actually got involved in the alumni activities right after my graduation in 2012. Back then, the alumni activities were still arranged as part of a separate organisation, she explains.
- For two years, I was involved in the then board of the organisation all the way up to the time when alumni activities became integrated as an official part of the activities of Laurea University of Applied Sciences and I became a member of the Alumni Delegation.

Guest lecturer and mentor for current students

Jonna has acted as a mentor and active guest lecturer for students. Laurea's alumni have an opportunity to join a lecturer database which lecturers can use to ask them to give lectures on topical issues to current students as experts in working life.

- The alumni activities have provided me with plenty of opportunity to think in a more multidisciplinary way and to further develop and expand my own expertise. The alumni activities have enabled me to create networks with professionals working in completely different sectors as well as guide current students on their paths, Javanainen describes.


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