Academic year 2016–2017 starts at Laurea

​The staff of Laurea University of Applied Sciences got together at the traditional opening ceremony for the academic year on Monday 22 August. The opening of the new academic year 2016–2017 is a part of Laurea's year of celebrations, as the University of Applied Sciences celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

President and CEO Jouni Koski started the opening ceremony for the new academic year at Laurea University of Applied Sciences. In his speech, Koski summarised key results from academic year 2015–2016 and gave an overview of the most important goals of the coming academic year.

- The previous academic year 2015–2016 was demanding in many ways, but it was also successful, President and CEO Koski noted.
- Among other things, Laurea achieved an all-time record in the number of students graduating with a Bachelor's degree as well as in those graduating with a Master's degree. At the same time, Laurea's popularity was at an excellent level in the joint application process of last spring, and Laurea ranked as the third most popular higher education institution in Finland.

However, President and CEO Jouni Koski also reminded the staff of the university of applied science of the increasing competition in the funding for higher education institutions.

- Despite the increasingly strict financial conditions and the uncertainty of the economy, I continue to have confidence that our work will also carry us through the next four-year term, said Jouni Koski.
- The new academic year will give us another unique opportunity to continue our valuable work for a better future.

The opening ceremony also included Director Kati Komulainen's review of Laurea's cooperation with secondary education institutions. One of Laurea's strategic choices involves engaging in increasingly close cooperation with secondary level vocational institutions, building long-term partnership agreements with them.

As is the tradition, the opening ceremony for the academic year also included paying homage to accomplished members of the Laurea community. The ceremony included awarding the Laurea staff member of the year title and presenting the golden medals of merit awarded by the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities for 30 years of municipal service.

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