Our staff

The Laurea community comprises approximately 7800 students, 500 staff members and over 24000 Laurea alumni. Laurea appreciates diverse competence, and the members of the Laurea community can be proud of their work and achievements.

Number of employees (2017):

  • Total: 513
  • Teachers: 292
  • Other personnel: 195
  • RDI personnel: 16

Education of employees:

  • Doctor: 55
  • Licentiate: 18
  • Master’s degree: 326
  • Other education: 114

At Laurea, employees have a possibility of actively influencing their job descriptions and developing their skills. Staff training is a key element in all efforts to develop Laurea's operations. The employees are given encouragement and incentives for maintaining, developing and renewing their vocational skills.

Laurea offers its staff versatile benefits and looks after the wellbeing of its employees in different life situations. Laurea works closely with occupational health care services and supports the staff's recreational activities. Laurea's operations are based on jointly agreed values and ethical guidelines, which were drawn up in a participatory process involving the entire staff. The purpose of the ethical guidelines is to support the implementation of responsibility in the form of everyday actions based on Laurea values.


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