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Basic information

  • Target audience: 
  • Application period: 4.12. - 31.12.2019
  • Date: 22.1. - 20.5.2020
  • Scope: 5 cr
  • Location: Leppävaara
  • Price: 75 €

Study unit's learning outcomes

The student is able to

  • analyse and develop his/her activity as a member of the work community and a manager
  • apply labour legislation and collective agreements
  • analyse the work community and promote well-being at work

Learning material

Teachers will provide relevant materials. All required reading will be either distributed via Optima, available freely on the internet, or available in Finna as ebooks. In addition, legislation is available in the Finlex-service; the exam will test knowledge and application of specifically indicated sections of e.g. labour legislation.


The study unit has three main implementation parts:

  • Self-leadership; individual task.
  • Management & Leadership; group task. Whole group receives same grade, unless there are exceptional circumstances. The grade is mainly based on quality of written reporting; quality of presentation is taken into account.
  • Legislation; individual exam. Evaluation is score-based. Score of 50% or more required to pass (grade 1).

Exam will be open in Optima 20.5.2020 between 8:00 and 12:00. Completion will take one hour. NOTE: begin your exam before 11:00.


Grading is given 0 - 5.

Read the evaluation criteria.


Classes are held at Laurea Leppävaara, room 240:

Wed 22.01.2020 09:15–11:45
Mon 10.02.2020 09:15–11:45
Wed 04.03.2020 09:15–11:45
Wed 25.03.2020 09:15–11:45
Wed 08.04.2020 09:15–11:45
Wed 15.04.2020 09:15–11:45
Wed 29.04.2020 09:15–11:45
Mon 11.05.2020 09:15–11:45

Wed 20.05.2020 08:00–12:00 (Online exam)

Changes to the schedule are possible.

There are 5 seats for open UAS students.

Course id:A9482-3005.

More information: