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Multifactor authentication

Two-factor or multifactor authentication is a method of secure login, which protects your account by requiring a secondary form of authentication in addition to a password.

In practice, this other method of authentication can be, for example, a mobile app or a code sent as a text message. For most people, this feature is already well-known from social media services or online banking. 

.Kuva kirjautumisen hyväksymisestä.jpeg

Image 1. Example of verifying a sign-in

Multifactor authentication is used when accessing Laurea’s online services.

You can set up your sign-in methods for multifactor authentication 

Add a sign-in method by pressing “+ add a sign-in method”, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Security info -kuva.PNG

Image 2. Security info -page

You can find Microsoft’s detailed instructions on multifactor authentication here.

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