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Basic information

  • Target audience: Those who have basic skills in Finnish
  • Application period: 5.-25.8.2019
  • Date: 5.9.-19.12.2019
  • Scope: 5 credits
  • Location: Laurea Leppävaara
  • Price: 75€

The student is able to

  • interact in various social situations
  • develop her/his Finnish skills independently
  • understand Finnish lifestyle and Finns more deeply
  • use most frequent grammar structures to convey her/his message in spite of possible mistakes
  • reach the target level A1.3-A2.1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Study material can be printed out in Optima at "Intermediate Finnish" work space after the course has started. Master copy is also available in the Laurea Leppävaara library (Ask the staff for teachers' materials!). It has about 35 pages and is called "Intermediate Finnish". The students copy/print out the material themselves.


10 cr in Finnish (or otherwise aquired basic skills)

Contents of the course

Small talk (colloquial Finnish), studying vocabulary, describing one's home country, grammar (negative past tense, past perfect, pluperfect, more expressions of time, adjective comparison), expressings one's opionion - agreeing and disagreeing - , dates and ordinal numbers etc

Exam (written and oral) schedule will be announced in the beginning of the course.

According to Laurea mathematics, 5 credits requires a workload of 135 hours. About 40-45 of them will be used for weekly lessons in classroom. Homework and home studies will take the rest of the hours, however, it may vary depending on students' personal activeness, skills and goals.

The course will start on Thursday the 6th of September 2018 at 9.00-11.30 and will be held on weekly basis after that. Exceptions in the course schedule and in Optima after the course has started.
Course ends in the middle of December.


Grades 1-5. The final course grade consists of: - the results of and oral exam - the results of an written exam - activive participation during the lessons and - attendance/absence. Required attendance:70 % of the lessons. The students are allowed to be absent max 2 times during the autumn term. Full attendance is recommended, though!