Open Webinar - eHealth and eWelfare

Subject: Expertise in Nursing and coping at home


14.00‐ 14.10 Welcome to DeDiWe ‐ “Developer of health and welfare services” ‐ open webinar, Gun‐Britt Lejonqvist, Principal Lecturer Arcada UAS
14.10‐ 14.30 “How the eHealth and eWelfare will change the client´s role and professionals' work?‐ FNA eHealth Strategy, Outi Ahonen, Project Manager, Senior Lecturer Laurea UAS
14.30‐15.00 Country‐wide health information system. Peeter Ross, Professor, Tallinn University of Technology 15.00‐ 15.30 Working safely in eHealth. Case Medics24, Juha Tenhunen, Service Director, Medics24
15.30‐16.00 ”Virtual communication and eHealth – Week 2 pitches from DeDiWe Students”. Mikko Julin, Senior lecturer Laurea UAS