Event Location: Leppävaara Campus, Vanha maantie 9
Subject: Studying and applying; Services; Research, development and innovations; Master's Programmes in English; Services for businesses

You are warmly welcome to the ANNUAL TRENDS BREAKFAST on May 12th 2017 between 9:00-11:00 at LAUREA Leppävaara Campus, Tuomo auditorium. Coffee will be served at 8:30-9:00.   

This year our fresh trends collage includes the following themes:

Media, Big data, NGOs, Wellbeing, Work and Food. Futures researchers and panelists from the different fields of business will present and interpret trends during the session.

Annual Trends Breakfast will be organized as a part of the Service Innovation and Design master’s degree students’ Futures thinking and foresight methodologies study unit. The process has been powered by Futures Fit service concept owners Minna Koskelo and Anu Nousiainen.

Event is free, just make your registration here.  Due to the limited availability of seats early registration is strongly recommended to ensure your participation.

Feel free to contact if you have any questions about the event.