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The Key  Content of the Course: Learning by Developing learning model, working life-based learning, Projects, working life partnership, working life skills.

Basic information

  • Target audience: Teachers in higher education institutions
  • Application period: Autumn 2020
  • Date: Non-stop
  • Scope: 8 weeks, 5 ECTS
  • Location: Online
  • Price: 9999€

This course gives you skills how to connect university study course with working life partners, based on Learning by Developing (LbD) learning model. The course is comprised of eight LbD expert developed modules. During the course the teacher(student) plans
and implements with his/her university students real working life based project as a part of his/her study course.

Course content

The main aim: Dramatically improve your students´working life
1. Integrate learning objectives of study/course and working life
development projects
2. Connect with working life partner
3. Coach students to implement succesful learning Project with
working life partner
4. Update continuosly teacher´s substance competence
5. Improve working life relevancy


Proven model ready to be implemented

University - Differentiate and attract students by generating the degree in company co-operation

Student – Improved employment opportunities due to
networking and hands-on leadership experience

Working life partner – Future-proof workforce by concrete projects, latest know-how, results and additional resources


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