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Coding could be compared to composing, for example. For some it happens naturally and for others they learn by studying. All the same, code is generated. AMKoodari is a joint free education of five UAS's for you who want to utilize your innate creativity, learn the profession of the future or develop your skills.

These studies are for you, if you are

  • interested in computing and coding
  • without a study place at another university and
  • have enough time to choose and complete any of the courses in our course listing

Check out the course listing

Learning at Laurea's courses is firmly connected to the needs of working life. The learning objectives of our courses follow the skills needed at work in a practical way.

Learn about digital service development

Do you understand the customer? In future working life, the emphasis will be on understanding the customer and service business expertise. These aspects are strongly linked to technology expertise - programmers must also understand the business and know how to work with both internal and external customers. Among other things, expertise in digital marketing, robotics and the service business with its tools are increasingly important skills in working life.

For these themes, we have selected our courses to help you develop your skills and professional skills.

Interested in cyber security?

There is an ever-increasing need for cybersecurity experts in working life. Cyber ​​security is an area of ​​security that aims to ensure the security of an electronic and networked society. In our offer you will find selected courses with which you build solid knowledge in the field of cyber security. You will learn to identify, prevent, and prepare for the effects of disruptions in electronic and networked systems. By completing our carefully selected courses, you build relevant expertise in changing work environments.

Separate ap­pli­ca­tion period based on AMKoodari studies

We're organizing a separate application period for our Business Information Technology and Service Business Management Bachelor's programmes for people that have completed AMKoodari courses. The application period for the programmes starts in April 2021. If you have completed AMKoodari studies and would like to receive information about the application period and criteria, please leave your contact information below.

I would like to receive information about the separate application period for AMKoodari students