Through work on versatile projects and development hubs, you are able to acquire the entrepreneurial skills and professional competence needed in the service sector.

  • Degree programme: Bachelor's Degree Programme in Restaurant Entrepreneurship
  • Degree title: Bachelor of Hospitality Management
  • Duration of studies: 210 ECTs, 3,5 years

Tuition fee: €8000/ academic year

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After your studies you will have a broad understanding of entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry and gain practical knowledge of all the basic functions of restaurant business. You will be producing and developing services using Service Design Methods and in addition networking with the student restaurant BarLaurea and other development hubs.

What is the studying like in practice?

The Restaurant Entrepreneurship programme is implemented as daytime studies. You must be able to be present in class for face-to-face instruction and guidance during daytime on weekdays. The studies include a lot of different learning exercises as well as project assignments from companies, carried out in teams. Through work on versatile projects and development hubs, such as the student restaurant, BarLaurea, you are able to acquire the entrepreneurial skills and professional competence needed in the service sector. The Restaurant Entrepreneurship degree programme focuses on developing planning, organizing and communication skills. It helps students to acquire the knowledge and entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed in a range of hospitality and service business sectors such as producing services in the field of accommodation, event management and food business.

In addition to service business studies, the degree programme offers a wide range of studies in communication and interaction, since the capability to network and understand the needs of customers is a core competence. You will also gain competences to operate successfully in the modern digitalized business environment. You will have essential skills in teamwork, communication and project work.

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The strengths of the programme

The degree programme consists of theoretical studies, genuine project assignments from companies and work placements.

Nearly all study units include real-life projects carried out in cooperation with companies.

In particular you will learn how to implement service design methods in innovation and development projects.

Event management is another strength of Laurea’s degree programme in Restaurant Entrepreneurship taught in English. You will learn about the planning, security arrangements, development, management and coordination of various events, such as fairs, concerts and meetings.

Employment opportunities

As a Restaurant Entrepreneurship graduate you are practically oriented and can work as entrepreneur or in different organizations and companies as expert and manager. You are able to employ analytical skills in decision-making and will have the competence in establishing and operating your own enterprise. Career opportunities are for example entrepreneur in restaurant business, accommodation business or event business. In addition you can work as a project manager, event producer, restaurant manager or service design planner.

Opportunities for further studies

After completing a Bachelor's degree in Restaurant Entrepreneurship and gaining three years of work experience, you can apply for a Master's degree programme at a university of applied sciences. It will give you the same qualifications for a public office as a Master's degree from a university.
You can also apply for a place at a university or other higher education institution. In that case, you may be required to take complementary studies.

Universities of applied sciences also offer continuing education of various lengths. You can also acquire new knowledge through open university or open university of applied sciences studies.

More information:

The application period is over.

Bachelor of Hospitality Management, Leppävaara, 25 study places

  • Studies begin: Fall 2019
  • Mode of teaching: Full-time Studies
  • Teaching time: Monday-Friday
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