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Tuition fees for open UAS

The fee for studying at the Open University of Applied Sciences is 15 euros per credit. We reserve the right to the change in the payments if the law concerning universities of applied sciences changes.

Single payment for one year is 400 euros covering studies of 60 credits or more. With the single payment fee you may study during one year.

Spring term begins at 1.1. and ends at 31.7. Autumn term begins at 1.8. and ends at 31.12. You may participate also on summer studies if they are offered for open UAS students.


A written course enrolment is binding. Students who cancel their enrolments at the latest 14 days before the beginning of the course may apply to be paid back 80 % of the tuition fees. Tuition fees will not be returned once the course has begun. Online studies are considered to have started when the student receives access to the course website.

Cancellations must be done by email to open UAS planning officer: The single payment fee of 400 euros will not be returned at any parts, because the fee entitles you to study for one year. Even if you don't use your right, you can't get any parts of the fee back.