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Basic information

  • Application period: 09.06.2021 - 18.08.2021
  • Date: 01.09.2021-13.12.2021
  • Scope: 10 ECTS
  • Location: Online course
  • Price: 150 €

This course is divided in to two sections: Theory section and project section. During the theory section, you will independently learn all the basics of a service design process and the basics of circular economy. You will get to use the theory you have learned during the project section, where you will develop new ideas and solutions for R-Collection Oy.


This is an online course that combines independent studying during the theory section with scheduled studying and project work in teams during the project section.

The Theory section during 1.9.-5.10. is an online course, which includes independent learning of service design process (Double Diamond), methods and tools as well as circular economy principles and methods, in Canvas learning platform.

The Project section during 13.10.-13.12. is an online course, which includes a service design project as team work, based on a real-life design challenge related to circular economy. We will work in the virtual learning environment Canvas. The project kick-off will be held on 13.10. at 12.30-16.00 in Zoom. Participation is mandatory.


13.10.2021 12.30–16.00

20.10.2021 13.00–15.00

03.11.2021 16.30–17.30

17.11.2021 13.00–16.00

01.12.2021 13.00–16.00

08.12.2021 15.00–17.00


After studying in this course, you will be able to

  • describe how value is created for the customers through service
  • recognize the essence of Service Design thinking and methods
  • plan, implement and evaluate a Service Design project using service design methods
  • apply creative problem-solving and develop working methods individually and in teams
  • foster entrepreneurship through service design

Teaching methods

This is an online implementation consisting of two separate parts:

  • The first Theory section 1 is a prerequisite for the second Project section 2. The Theory section 1 (online) runs through 1.9. - 5.10. and needs to be completed before taking the Project section
  • The Project section 2 (online) starts on 13.10. with a joint kick-off. Final presentations (pitching) will be on 8.12, course end on 13.12. with self & peer assessments. Note. project section includes several online sessions, which are mandatory, e.g. ideation workshop on Miro.

Student workload

THEORY SECTION The course is 3 ects which equals approximately 81 hours of studying. Work is done individually.

PROJECT SECTION  The course is 7 ects which equals approximately 189 hours of studying. Most of the work will be done in teams, including co-creation parts. The tasks are scheduled in phases throughout the course.

Learning material

  • Stickdorn, M., Lawrence, A. and Hormess, M., Schneider, J. 2018.This is service design doing : applying service design thinking in the real world : a practitioner's handbook.Canada: O'Reilly. Ebook:
  • Other materials will be shared during the study unit.


The course will be evaluated in a scale 1 - 5 /fail.

THEORY SECTION: 5 individual Quizzes on Canvas, scale 1-5

PROJECT SECTION: Team assignment: service concept and final service design portfolio, scale 1-5 including 4 portfolio returns after each development phase Self- and peer assessment, instructor assessment.

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