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In order to sign up for this master's level course, you must have a previous Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree.

Basic information

  • Application period: 9.6.2021 - 16.08.2021
  • Date: 30.08.2021-31.10.2021
  • Scope: 5 ECTS ECTS
  • Location: Online
  • Price: 75 €


Introduction to Service Design Process and Methods (30.8.-31.10.2021) is an online course taking place in the Canvas working space.


The course begins with the presentation of the theoretical framework and key concepts and is followed by the presentation of the design process, methods, and tools. The aim is to create an understanding of the possibilities and limitations of service design and encourage the student to reflect on the basis of the theoretical framework the use, usability, and outcomes of the various elements.

The contents of the course are organized in various folders which are available simultaneously.

Teaching methods

Students manage the learning process independently through individual tasks and reflective assignments with peers. The course does not include any project work.

Learning is facilitated with the help of various tools and games such as memory cards, text filling tasks, quizzes which also enable evaluation of the learning outcomes.

Student workload

The course is 5 ects which equals approximately 135 h of studying. Work is mainly done individually.

Learning material

Theoretical framework and key concepts:

  • learning materials will be shared during the course.

Service Design methods & tools:

  • Stickdorn, M., Lawrence, A. and Hormess, M., Schneider, J. 2018.This is service design doing : applying service design thinking in the real world : a practitioner's handbook.Canada: O'Reilly. Ebook:


The course will be evaluated on a scale of fail to 5.

More information: