The study is conducted online in English and it is also suitable for international students.

  • Target audience: For students interested in corporate security and risk management
  • Application period: 8.–14.4.2019
  • Date: 02.05.–30.08.2019
  • Scope: 5 cr
  • Location: Online
  • Price: 75€ (vat 0%)

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

On-line studies with one contact day (tbc). Team assignment can be work life related (details TBC in Optima workspace). 

Location and time

On-line Optima and one contact day (4th of June, 2019, 09:00 - 15:30, Leppävaara Campus).

Assessment methods and criteria

5-1, Failed based on Optima materials and assignments; Optima on-line exam; Team assignment (details TBC in Optima workspace)

Learning outcomes of the course

The student is able to

  • apply requirements set by legislation, directives and guidelines regarding business continuity and supply chain risk management
  • identify critical business operations and their needs for BCP through the customer value chain
  • apply risk management methods to identify, evaluate and manage operative business continuity and supply chain risks through the customer value chain
  • create and develop operational models, plans and guidelines for business continuity management and supply chain risk management

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Before enrolling to this study unit, you should have adequate competence level of security management, which you can acquire for example by completing study unit: A9484 Basics of Corporate Security and Risk Management 10 credits.

Additional information

  • Language: english
  • Seats: 20-60
  • Working environment: Optima

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