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Courses and enrolment

Students of Open University of Applied Sciences study together with degree students. Each term students can choose from a variety of interesting and useful studies. Note that some courses may have prerequisites. Check the details of timetable and language of instruction carefully.

Study offerings and schedules

The Open UAS study offering will be updated during the academic year, which means that all implementations listed will not be offered in each term.

Studies in English

Studies in Finnish - see the Finnish site: Avoin ammattikorkeakoulu

The schedules of the study units can be viewed in the Study schedules chart. You can see the schedules by clicking the code of the study unit and the code of each implementation.

Changes to the schedules are possible, so check the schedules before the studies begin and be present at the first session. Please read the Open UAS payment information and cancellation policy - fees are not returned once the study entitlement has begun.


Enrolment period for open UAS study units for autumn period 2020 will start on 25.5.2020.

Check the implementation plan carefully - language, prerequisites, implementation method and possible contact lessons. See also the tuition fees and cancellation policy before enrolling.


Studies must be paid within enrollment. With the annual fee for year 2020 you can study for free until 31.12.2020. With the annual fee for academic year 2019 - 2020 you can study until 31.7.2020, including Laurea's summer studies if they are offered for open UAS students.


The cancellation for open UAS study units must be done two weeks before the beginning of studies by e-mail: Note that we do not return the annual payment after beginning of your study entitlement even if you don't use your right to study in Laurea.

Enrolment in path studies

Laurea offers path study places mostly in degree programmes in Finnish. The intake for path studies is about 10-20 % in addition to the intake of joint application of each degree programme. Students for path studies will be selected in the order of enrollment and based on an interview. For more information, visit our page AMK-polkuopinnot (in Finnish). There will be some path study places for Degree Programme in Nursing (in English).

Note that Master's Degree path studies have their own applying period. Read more at the Master's Degree path studies page. 


Courses are taken and assessed in the ways described in the course details. All assessments will follow Laurea's general Examination Procedures. Generally speaking courses are assessed using the following grades:

Excellent (5),
Good (4 - 3),
Satisfactory (2 - 1) and
Fail (0).

Certain courses (listed separately) are assessed only with pass and fail (H/0).

Students' performances will be registered in Laurea's results register and students at the Open University of Applied Sciences will receive result certificates.