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Business Management student Inwook: ‘Curiosity is the spice of studying’

Student interview: Inwook Moon from English-language Business Management programme.

-    Before moving to Finland, I worked as an interpreter in Korea and had a business of my own. I was learning entrepreneurship hands-on in real life, but I felt I needed a more systematic understanding of economy and finances. That’s why I wanted to study Business Management, explains Laurea student Inwook Moon.

Inwook Moon moved to Finland in 2017, after meeting his Finnish girlfriend in his home country, South Korea. Originally, he started studying in Lahti but transferred to Laurea after the first semester to study in the English-language Business Management programme.

Inwook is planning to graduate in spring 2020 and has been very satisfied with his studies. In particular, he praises the group assignments and projects at Laurea that prepare students for their future careers.

-    In my opinion, the Laurea system in which we students ourselves do research and then present our ideas to others is really great, he explains.
-    In this way, we process what we have learned and end up learning much more than by only listening to teachers’ lectures.

Students helping each other

Laurea’s English-language degree programme attracts students from many countries around the world. In Inwook’s group, there are students form Italy, Poland, the Philippines and Somalia, for instance.

-    I appreciate how much we learn from teachers and each other, he says.
At the same time, he has noticed that Laurea students help each other a lot and share information, such as interesting job opportunities.
-    The relationship between students and teachers is also closer than I was previously used to. If I face challenges in my studies or elsewhere, I can always talk to my tutor teacher, Inwook Moon says.

Dreaming to run a business

Inwook says that work placements are a particularly educational part of studies at Laurea. Because of recognition of prior experience, he did not have to take the first of the two work placements included in his degree programme. Moon took his second work placement in a Finnish startup, working as a finance intern.

-    In my studies and during the work placement, I have felt that my background and age are appreciated, he says.
-    Somewhere else I might not have had the opportunity to work as an intern at my age. Here it was possible for me to try something new, which I found very encouraging.

In the future, Inwook wants to work in a Finnish company. At the same time, he is dreaming of starting a business of his own. In his thesis, he is going to study his business idea.

‘As a student, I’m interested in learning something new all the time’

Inwook Moon finds that one of the best things about studying is the opportunity to try something new and experiment – and sometimes also fail. As a student, you do not have to be afraid of failure, because you will have the opportunity to try something different at once.

-    Now that I’m a student again after many years, I feel fresh somehow, he describes.
-    Curiosity is a state of mind that is closely associated with studying. As a student, I’m continuously interested in new things and, at the same time, also humble, because I know how much there still is to learn.

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