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Antell student project results put immediately into practice

Laurea students examined the safety of Antell restaurants in teams.


In the autumn of 2020, Laurea's key partner, Antell, was a company in the restaurant and café sector. In the safety development project that was part of the study unit, students examined the safety of Antell restaurants in teams. The teams presented their results in December, and the first student proposals for improving safety have already been put into practice at Antell.

- Inspecting safety measures is standard operating procedure here at Antell. Now, with the students, we wanted to gain an even broader understanding - from an outsider’s point of view - of the different aspects of safety that we could take even more effectively into account in our activities, explains Karoliina Hannula, Development Manager in charge of responsibility at Antell.

During the project, 10 student teams visited eight Antell restaurants to inspect the site. The commission gave the students free rein to decide, on the basis of the first visit as well as interviews and observations, which area of safety they found most important to focus on. The focus of the final project work was on, for example, customer, work and fire safety.

To support Antell, the project brought not only important individual observations related to the safety of restaurants, but also operating methods and tools that can be utilised throughout the Group. One example of this is the audit form developed by students for the documentation of safety matters.

- I also thought that the students were easily able to identify things that we could do in a different way, better and more safely. When the restaurant has been handling a given matter in a certain way, we weren’t necessarily able to ask an important question: ‘What if?’, says Hannula.

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