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Suvi Kunnari is Laurea’s Alumni of the Year 2019

Suvi Kunnari, Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics, received the Alumni of the Year award at Laurea’s Grand Alumni Evening event.

Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics Suvi Kunnari was selected as Laurea’s Alumni of the Year 2019. The award winner was announced at Laurea’s Grand Alumni Evening in Helsinki on Tuesday, 7th May.

Kunnari graduated in 2016 and currently works as Marketing Director at Flow Cosmetics. She has played a pivotal role in expanding the company from a small family company into one of the most significant manufacturers of natural cosmetics in Finland.

Since her graduation, Kinnari has been working in close cooperation with Laurea, offering students in the Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics programme thesis topics as well as work placement opportunities in her company. She is also a frequent guest lecturer at study units. Kunnari is described as an inspiring role model for students in the Master’s degree programme as well, and she has given talks to them about her growth company and her own experiences in the management of a cosmetics company.

“I am truly honoured to receive this award. The decision to apply to Laurea back in the day turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. It has guided me to the right path and helped me develop our company. I do not think that the growth of our small cosmetics company would have been so tremendous without the professional competence I received at Laurea,” Kunnari praises.

“I met awesome people during my studies and still keep in touch with them through various student projects, lectures and students who complete work placement in our company. I am grateful for the education I received and, therefore, it is particularly great to be able to give back to Laurea by sharing my expertise. I hope I can continue to participate in Laurea’s student projects and give lectures. I also continue to welcome motivated Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics students to work placement and employment opportunities in our company.”

The Alumni of the Year has been selected at Laurea since 2008. The prize is awarded to Laurea graduates who have highlighted their education and background as Laurea students in a positive manner. A positive approach to developing work or the working community is also an important selection criterion. At Laurea, the Alumni of the Year Award is called the Pentti Rauhala Prize, in honour of Laurea’s former President Pentti Rauhala, who retired in 2011.

All Laurea graduates and personnel had the opportunity to nominate candidates. Based on the nominations, the winner was selected by Laurea’s Alumni Activities Development Group.