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Sprint projects in digital service business and marketing were held once again at Laurea Leppävaara

Laurea business management, information technology and safety, security and risk management 2nd year students and exchange students have been studying during the last week with different kind of companies and made tasks to them. In a week, students had to start with the project and try to get it done. It was intensive week where students worked whole week and all days. We interviewed some students to hear about their experiences about the study unite.

Laura is a second year student in Leppävaara service business management.  Laura made a project about chatbot to Laurea. The idea was to get faster answers and find things more easily in Laurea ́s website. The chatbot will answer in Finnish or in English depending in what language the customer will ask the question. Laura really liked the study unite and got a lot of knowledge about marketing and business working. She recognized that there is much more work behind marketing and social media posts that she thought. In her team, there was also two exchange students one from France and another from Switzerland. Laura recommends the study unite to anyone who wants to learn more about social media and marketing.

Jeffery and Khalid are also second year students in Laurea Leppävaara. They created adialog for Pepper robot to respond and entertain. They think that the best part of the project was team working. The project groups were made randomly and the project tasks where given randomly. Jeffery and Khalid recommend the study unite to get different views in information technology.

This study unite was part of 3AMK study path as well. Maarit is a Metropolia University of Applied Sciences student who studies digital communication. Maarit ́s project grouptask was to make a happening or an activity to Airbnb. Beyond that, they had to make up the marketing plan for the activity. Maarit is glad that she found the study unite from 3AMK study platform because she really enjoyed it. She thinks that 3AMK cooperation is a good thing even though there is some over lapses with study unites.

All of the students gave a lot of credit to great speakers that were visiting the study unite. Other teams made great results as well. Students made project about programming websites, choosing computer language for websites, and making marketing plans for companies. The list goes on and on, since there was around 30 teams in this study unite. This version was a sprint study unite and the hard thing for students was to learn all the information that teachers gave in such a short period. All these things students learned when doing projects. Digital service business and marketing can be done as online studies, project studies or in a sprint.

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