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Instructions relating to the corona situation at Laurea

This page contains the latest information and instructions relating to the impact of the coronavirus at Laurea.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences is preparing for corona situation to ensure student wellbeing and to enable our students to continue their studies. Our decisions are based on the recommendations of the government and the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). This page has been updated according to the government’s decisions on 31.3.2020. 

We already transferred teaching and working on the campuses online and other, alternative means on Sunday 15.3.2020. To ensure the continuity of Laurea’s operations, we closed our campuses.

Teaching will continue mostly remotely through the end of the spring semester.

We will continue with the campus closure and working online will continue until 13.5.2020. After this date, on-campus teaching will be possible under certain restricted cases, with security precautions. We are not opening the campuses for normal use in May. As per the government’s decisions, limited use of libraries will be made possible through limiting attendance and with hygiene precautions, both of which will be announced later. We do not currently have a decision as to the potential opening of Laurea campus libraries.

Prevent the risk of infection

Remember proper hand washing and use of disinfectant.

If you suspect you have symptoms of the corona virus, call the local health center in your area. Any suspected infection is always dealt with locally. Do not come to the campus in this situation. You will find more detailed instructions on possible corona virus related symptoms on the THL website.

These decisions will remain in force until 30.06.2020, after which the situation will be reassessed if necessary.

Teaching and training continue 

The basis of our preparation is to ensure student wellbeing and to enable our students to continue their studies as seamlessly as possible.

You can find detailed, current instructions for our students in the student intranet LINK.

Teaching will continue mostly remotely through the end of the spring semester.

Simulation and workshop teaching in health and physiotherapy are temporarily being transferred online. Your teachers will inform you about possible changes. We will inform separately about how exams and similar events are going to be arranged.

Job placements and internships in Finland will continue until further notice, if not cancelled by the placement organization. Follow the announcements of Laurea and your internship organisation.  If your job placement period is cancelled, please contact your tutor teacher. We offer other teaching to replace cancelled internships. 

If you are planning an exchange for the autumn semester 2020, please note that it will be subject to the decisions of other countries relating to their borders.

If you are in a high risk group and have questions related to internships, please contact  

Exceptions to campus services

From Monday 16.3. onwards, all campuses will be closed. Library services are available online.  Follow the announcements of library and student affairs and the international services in the student intranet LINK.. 

Students returning from abroad to Finland

Laurea does not currently send students to international destinations.  Students at exchange locations are being called back to Finland in accordance with the government’s decisions. Laurea supports them in this decision as well as continuing their studies after returning home. Contact International Services for further information.

Entrance exams and selection tests

In accordance to national policy, the English degree programme selection tests in April were cancelled (Joint application 1.). Student selections were made by other means. A separate document describes changes to the Joint application 2. 


Distance working period for all staff members

Due to potential corona virus exposures revealed previously, Laurea's students and staff moved on to remote work on 15.3.2020. Working at the campuses is currently not possible. Laurea’s staff is allowed to briefly visit the campuses, if work tasks such as collecting materials or printing so require. This visits must be planned so as to minimise contacts with other people. This decision will stay in effect for the time being.


Common events and other activities on our campuses

We want to focus on securing the core functions of our university. For this purpose, we encourage our staff to limit unnecessary activities on our premises. We will postpone scheduled larger events to a time after the corona outbreak. We will not schedule any new events this spring. 

Visitors to our premises

For the time being, we do not accept visitors.  We ask the person responsible for the visit to immediately inform those invited. 

Contact teaching will be temporarily transferred online of to other means

Contact teaching is temporarily being transferred online. We support our teachers and other e-learning key people in progressively transferring studies online. Our online education and IT services will assist you. Detailed procedures and tools supporting the rapid transfer to e-learning can be found in the staff intranet.

Staff meetings and meetings

All possible staff meetings will take place online. 

Work-related policies

Our employees work remotely from home for the time being. HR services and supervisors support you in the transition. Current information on working for the staff (16.3.2020) is found in the staff intranet.

As per the government’s decisions, travel inside the Schengen area will be permissible in certain necessary cases, pertaining to permanent work and related needs. We are continuing a high level of caution with travel decisions, using risk analysis on every possible foreign trip. It is also important to note, that while the Finnish decisions are changing, target countries have their own decisions.

Internal staff communication in case of disruption

In the case of a disruptive event, Laurea’s internal staff communications take place through the Secapp application. Make sure the application is installed on your phone and that it functions. Help is available from Laurea ServiceDesk.

General information about Laurea's preparation

For weeks, Laurea has been preparing for various scenarios in a systematic and risk-based manner. Collaboration on preparations has been goal-oriented and successful with all members of our community and stakeholders. Recommendations and regulations have been decided by a preparation working group set up by Laurea’s President.

With these decisions, we are entering a phase that emphasises our desire to ensure the best possible continuity of our community in this challenging situation. Our goal is to provide all members of our community with safe working conditions and continuation of teaching for students. Our focus is on actions ensuring the continuity of our operations.

Additional information

Check out THL's pages for further information. You will find up-to-date information on corona virus symptoms and instructions on how to protect yourself from the virus. Also, check out the homepages and guidelines of your local authorities relating to suspected corona virus infections.

Please contact for any questions regarding studying and Laurea’s services.

There is a nationwide free helpline for callers on questions related to the corona virus at 0295 535 535 (Finland). This service provides general information on the corona virus. Please note, however, that the service is not a health advice line. The service is available in Finnish, Swedish and English and is open on weekdays from 08:00 to 21:00 and on Saturdays from 09:00 to 15:00.

Updated on 5.5.2020

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