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Let’s create better future together!

Are you a student, employee or a stakeholder of Laurea University of Applied Sciences? Now you have the opportunity to influence our development! How can we strengthen the effectiveness of our University of Applied Sciences in the 2020s?

We hope that you could share your unique ideas with us by participating this interactive online brainstorming.

Participation is anonymous and will take about 10-15 minutes. You can give your own ideas, read what other participants have said and evaluate which ideas are most important to our future. You are also welcome to look through the link again if you want to give more ideas or evaluate a new selection of other participants’ thoughts.

Join us in building a common future, share your thoughts and ideas! Thank you in advance!

Laurea University of Applied Sciences   
Jouni Koski           
President and managing director   

Student union Laureamko
Silja Nurmi
Chairman of the Board of student union