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Laurea’s Corona safety instructions

Laurea follows the instructions and recommendations issued by the authorities to ensure the safety and continuity of its operations.



Instructions updated on 26 October. Added sections: Teaching arrangements in spring 2021 and Use of facilities on campuses. Other changes highlighted in bold.


These Laurea corona instructions are valid until further notice. Laurea follows the instructions and recommendations issued by the authorities to ensure the safety and continuity of its operations.

Laurea's primary aim is to ensure that new students are able to study on its campuses. New students are those starting their studies in autumn 2020 and also those who started their studies in January 2020. As face to face teaching starts, safe practices mean not only taking care of hand and coughing hygiene, but also offering masks that cover the nose and mouth to students.

To make sure that sufficient distances are maintained on the campuses, those who have started their studies earlier study primarily through distance learning. Teachers inform their student groups about the arrangements. If necessary, the students who have started their studies earlier can be provided with face-to-face instruction and guidance to promote their studies in small groups on campuses. Workshops included in studies  are implemented on campuses in accordance with safety instructions.

The prerequisite for working on campus is responsible co-operation

The prerequisite for a safe return to campus areas is responsible co-operation. This means that the campus areas shall only be entered in full health, and everyone shall maintain good hand and coughing hygiene (link to the website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)). Laurea aims to maintain appropriate safety distances in all activities. If necessary, the university will also provide protective equipment.

Due to the coronavirus situation, all Laurea staff meetings will be held as online only. This change only applies to meetings. Working, teaching and customer service on campus continue as instructed before, making sure to follow all safety precautions.

At Laurea, the goal is to effectively protect all students, employees and stakeholders, thus creating a safe study and work environment. To achieve this, each member of the Laurea community is encouraged to commit to the university's joint guidelines.

Developments in the coronavirus situation are monitored at Laurea on a daily basis. Each week, the management meets for a situation analysis and is prepared to take necessary action in order to ensure the safety of university activities in all circumstances. Possible changes are communicated when necessary.

Teaching arrangements in spring 2021

The planning is based on being prepared for a pandemic situation in which society and health care continue to be burdened by the actively spreading virus. The aim is to enable a safe learning and working environment while ensuring continuity of operations. It is essential that, under the leadership of the development managers, arrangements for teaching are agreed in cooperation with teachers and education planners in accordance with prevailing circumstances and needs.  

The goal is to divide the students into four groups and to implement the teaching arrangements for spring in a coordinated manner. This model will be implemented in planning for the time being.  Teachers will inform the students about the teaching arrangements.


Priority group 1: Teaching is primarily organised as contact teaching on campus:  

  • Group A1 (the day and blended learning groups starting in January 2021)
  • Group A2 (students participating in compulsory study workshops, including all fields of study)

Priority group 2: Teaching is secondarily organised as contact teaching on campus

  • Group B (the day and blended learning groups that started in August 2020)
  • Group C (the day and blended learning groups that started in January 2020 or earlier)

Use of masks on campus

Laurea's policy is that employees use masks when working in shared facilities when other people are present at the same time. Employees teaching on campus wear masks in workshops and other teaching activities. Masks are available from the Lobby Services. Fabric masks are also available for employees. You can ask about other practices via

Students are strongly recommended to use masks at all times when on the university campuses. Laurea provides students with masks that can be used for a day.  In workshops where safety distances cannot be maintained, students will wear masks. Laurea provides two fabric masks to those who started their full-time studies or blended learning studies in 2020.  

Read more about the safe use of protective equipment on campuses in separate instructions.

Do not enter the campus if you are sick or have symptoms

Persons who are sick or present symptoms are not allowed on the Laurea campuses. If any symptoms develop, each member of the Laurea community is obligated to immediately get tested for the coronavirus in compliance with instructions provided by the health care services in their area. Anyone who is experiencing symptoms or suspects exposure can fill out an assessment of their health status at (

Hand and coughing hygiene

Each member of the Laurea community shall maintain good hand hygiene. Careful and frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer form an important part of the everyday routines at Laurea. Everyone shall immediately wash and sanitize their hands when entering campus facilities, moving from a space or classroom to another, and otherwise as necessary.

Mouth and nose shall be covered with a disposable tissue when coughing or sneezing, and the tissue shall be disposed of immediately. If a tissue is not available, cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve, not into your hands.
Read more on THL's website.

Maintaining sufficient safety distances in all Laurea activities

Sufficient safety distances shall be maintained on all campuses. The recommendation for an adequate safety distance is one to two metres. Sufficient safety distances shall be maintained particularly in the hallways and lobby areas and while waiting in line.

Safety distances shall be observed in the breakrooms and shared areas, and residing in these spaces should be restricted to the bare minimum. Hand sanitizer shall be used when entering and leaving these areas.
Sufficient safety distances between students shall be maintained in examination facilities. Students shall not attend exams sick or with any symptoms.

Use of facilities on campuses

Students can book campus facilities from the reservation system for their own work or working in small groups. If the space is reserved for working in a small group, the students must take care of sufficient safety distances, and hand and coughing hygiene. In addition, Laurea strongly recommends the use of masks on the campus. You can pick up a mask from the lobby services. If the space is reserved for working in a small group, the names of all participants must be recorded when reserving the space. This will speed up the tracing of potential exposure chains.

Services on the campuses

The libraries, Student Affairs Offices and ServiceDesk operate normally on the campuses and online. Adequate safety distances and good hand hygiene shall be maintained when visiting the libraries and Student Affairs Offices.
The services of student counselling psychologists and nurses are available on the campuses in compliance with Laurea's safety instructions.

High-risk groups

Students belonging to high-risk groups shall announce it to the teacher of their study units. The goal is to collaborate with both the teacher and the student to organise the studies in a way that does not create a risk of exposure.

General cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces

Cleaning measures have already been enhanced at Laurea. However, even efficient cleaning alone is not enough to keep all surfaces clean in the everyday life of Laurea. Therefore, it is recommended to disinfect surfaces after use (such as public computers on the campuses). There are disinfecting wipes available for this purpose in Laurea's facilities.

Travel abroad for students

There will be no international student mobility at Laurea in the autumn term.

Laurea's international services will be in contact with those students who have planned to start an exchange period during the spring term of 2021.  The realisation of student exchanges during the spring term depends, for example, on the disease situation in the destination country. Circumstances allowing, international exchange students will be admitted to Laurea during the spring term 2021.

All student travels included, for example, in project work or study units are assessed on a case-by-case basis, focusing on the potential risks. The assessment is carried out by the Security Services in collaboration with the student and the teacher responsible for the trip.

Every student who returns or has just returned from abroad is strongly advised to stay at home for 10 days after returning from the trip. Student must contact teacher to arrange studies.

All students are encouraged to observe the risks related to private travel abroad. Such trips may afterwards require a two-week quarantine period imposed by the authorities, during which the students are not allowed to enter Laurea's campus areas. With questions related to travelling, students may contact

Events on the campuses

Only necessary events can be organized. Each event organiser shall submit a notification of the event already in the planning phase through this link (in Finnish). This autumn, organising an event requires a permit granted by the Security Services. It is essential that the event organiser ensures already in advance that adequate safety precautions can be implemented in the event, including safety distances and other protective measures.

For more information, contact: