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Laurea University of Applied Sciences recommends Koronavilkku app for staff and students

On August 31, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare launched Koronavilkku, a free smartphone app, whose aim is to help break infection chains of the coronavirus.

Koronavilkku allows users to participate personally in the prevention of the spread of the virus and to protect their health and that of their loved ones. The app makes it possible to quickly reach people who have been exposed to the virus and to break infection chains. Users of the app can inform others about their infection anonymously, thereby making it easier to break infection chains.  Users of the app who have been notified of possible exposure can ask to be contacted by health care services or they can contact health care services themselves. 

- We all share responsibility for preventing the spread of the coronavirus”, emphasises Anna Laurila, chair of the University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland, SAMOK. 

The aim is to give Laurea students, personnel, and stakeholders effective protection and to make a safe environment to study and work possible. To achieve this end, all members of our higher education community are encouraged to commit to our shared guidelines. In addition to downloading Koronavilkku, these include good hand hygiene, sufficient social distancing, and being on campus only while symptom-free. 

The Koronavilkku app is available through App Store and Google Play. 

Further information on the app: