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Laurea switches over to electronic diplomas

Laurea will switch to electronic diplomas and will give up paper diplomas as of 1 August 2022.

The electronic diploma will be Laurea's official diploma, which will be electronically signed by the Rector. A new type of diploma makes the graduation process fluid, as the student can download the certificate from the electronic desktop, i.e. Pakki, as soon as this is sent to the student. The certificate can be downloaded 14 days from the date of completion. The authenticity of the certificate can be verified either from the website of the Atomi Validator service or the Digital and Population Data services Agency, or from similar services in the EU. The certificate is verified by uploading the file to the selected certification authority.

The transition to fully electronic diplomas is also a step in line with the Digivision 2030 project for universities. Digivision is a joint project of Finnish universities, the aim of which is to create an open and recognized learning ecosystem in Finland that benefits both research and innovation activities and working life.

The electronic diploma brings reliability and is easy to carry with you, for example, on a mobile device or laptop. An electronic certificate is also easy to forward to an employer, for example.