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Laurea Library enables book borrowing from 19.5.2020

Borrowing books is possible from Hyvinkää, Leppävaara, Lohja and Tikkurila campus libraries, starting from 19.5.2020 and from Porvoo starting from 26.5.2020:

  • From Tikkurila, pick-up of books on Tuesdays from 1 pm to 3 pm (pick-up dates 2.6., 9.6. and 16.6.)
  • From Hyvinkää, Leppävaara and Lohja, pick-up of books on Wednesdays from 1 pm to 3 pm (pick-up dates 3.6., 10.6. and 17.6.)
  • From Porvoo, campus library is open 1.6. - 18.6., please check the details from below.

Laurea campuses are closed, so books will be borrowed with the following arrangements:

Hyvinkää, Leppävaara, Lohja and Tikkurila

  1. Send e-mail to the campus library that you want to pick up the books from. You can only borrow books available at that campus library. The order must be placed no later than the day before the pick-up date, at 16:00. Contact information:,,,
  2. Give following information in the e-mail: your first and last name, library card number and book information (author, name, year of publication)
  3. Library staff will contact you via e-mail when the books are available for pick-up. Pick-up is possible only at agreed times.

Picking up the books:

  • Books are borrowed in advance and packed in a plastic bag
  • Books will be picked up from the front door of the campus against an ID card
  • If you are ill, you cannot pick up the books


  • Library premises are open 1.6. - 18.6. from Mon-Fri at 9am till 3 pm
  • Service hours 1.6. - 18.6. from Mon-Fri at 10am till 3pm
  • Please notice, that it is not possible to stay on library premises and safety instructions and hygiene must be taken care of.

Reservations from Porvoo campus library

  • Order books for loan
  • Book transport between campuses is not operating, so you cannot request books on loan from other Laurea campuses in Porvoo
  • Reservations cannot be made via Laurea Finna.

The borrowing arrangements have been designed with the safety of customers and staff in mind.