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Laurea congratulates all graduates

Over 200 graduates participated in Graduation Ceremony on Thursday the 19th of December.

Thursday the 19th of December was an unforgettable day for over 200 Laurea students who celebrated in the traditional Graduation Ceremony. Laurea’s Graduation Ceremony was held at the Hall of Culture (Kulttuuritalo) in Helsinki.

The ceremony honoured all the students who completed their academic degrees during the spring term. Over 200 graduates were present as well as hundreds of their close friends and relatives.

All in all, around 1,700 experts from various fields will graduate from Laurea in 2019. At this moment there are altogether almost 30,000 Laurea graduates.

A joyful crowd listened to the President, CEO Jouni Koski’s speech, who congratulated all the students on their achievements:

-    You have accomplished milestones in your life. I wish you best of success in your professional career and your personal life, president, he said.

Graduate's speech was this year held by Bachelor of Social Services Eyo Archibong:

-    I remember the moment a few years ago when I was browsing Laurea’s website and saw a question there: “Is your dream job to be close to people, are you interested in helping others?” My immediate response was “Yes!”, Archibong recalled the moment he decided to apply to Laurea to study social services.

-    Now I want to congratulate you all: today we are champions! We have successfully completed our Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees.

Laurea’s graduates traditionally wore a deep blue gown and a cap. During the commencement each student walked up the stage, where he or she shook hands with the President, CEO of Laurea. Before the end of the ceremony the freshly graduated students were asked to throw their caps in the air.

The Graduation Ceremony was streamed live for all those friends and relatives who were unable to attend. It can be watched anytime on Laurea's YouTube channel.