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Instructions for new students during coronavirus situation

There's always a lot of new and exciting things at the beginning of your studies, right? The best way to get to grips with the new everyday life is to get to know other students, lecturers and studies on the campus. For this reason, all students starting this year in day and multiform implementations will take part in contact learning at the campus.

We have made various arrangements on campuses for several weeks to enable our new students to start their studies safely. As a rule, the studies of students who have previously started their studies are organised remotely in order to ensure the safe grouping of new students. In order to ensure a seamless new daily life of studying, let’s maintain a good vibe together. 

A good vibe at Laurea

You can safely come to Laurea's campuses, as on the campus, everyone:
•    aims to maintain a safe, 1 to 2 metre distance to others
•    only comes to the campus when they are healthy 
•    washes their hands and uses hand disinfectant  
•    only coughs into their sleeve or into a disposable tissue  
•    is asked to wear a face mask, if it is not possible to maintain a safe distance to others.  

In these situations, Laurea offers students single-use face masks. In September, Laurea will distribute its own fabric face masks to students who started this year! You can, of course, wear your own mask if you wish. Laurea encourages the use of face masks on campus and when travelling to the campus!  

Did you travel abroad, are you a member of a high-risk group or did you suddenly get flu symptoms? Join us remotely!

You can start your studies even if you have a cold or a runny nose, have less than 14 days ago arrived from abroad from a country where travel restrictions have been imposed, or you a member of a high-risk group – you can participate in everything remotely by notifying tutor teacher or the lecturer of the course (see your lecturer of the course in this excel-form). By staying home and participating remotely for the above-mentioned reasons, you act responsibly and correctly! After your notification, you will receive instructions for participation from the lecturer of the course.  
The study period offers new experiences, memorable moments and lifelong friends - not to mention all the cool stuff you learn! Together, we’ll also make Your studies a success. Have you already read the Checklist for new students? If you have any questions, please email us at – We at Laurea are here for you!
Have a great autumn – see you at your studies! 

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