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Apply now! The application period for degree programmes taught in English at Laurea has started

The application period for degree programmes taught in English takes place until 23rd of January 2019. This year you can choose among six Bachelor’s and three Master’s degree programmes.

The joint application period starts on January 9th at 8AM for programmes taught in English. A total of 150 study places are available in Bachelor’s and 70 in Master’s programmes. The studies will start in August 2019 at the Leppävaara and Tikkurila campuses. 

Studies in English offer a multicultural study environment for both Finnish and international students. In the Bachelor’s programmes taught in English, students have a possibility to improve their language skills and international expertise as well as to form multicultural networks. In the Master’s degree programmes you can flexibly study and have a job. 

Flexible online studies  

This year Laurea will offer a new online Master’s Degree programme in Business Administration. The programme, Leading Transformational Change, will offer courses focusing on consumer behavior and brands, the Nudge – influencing individual and group behavior, modelling laws, digital economy and digital marketing. The mandatory courses will be available completely online. 

There is also one Bachelor’s degree programme in Business Information Technology offered for the first time completely online. It only includes a 3-day kick-off period at Laurea Leppävaara campus in Espoo. The programme combines IT studies with business studies and gives students the chance to specialize for example in cybersecurity, mobile app development or web development. 

On campus studies

In addition to our new online programmes, you can also apply for studies taught on campus. You can choose one of our five Bachelor’s programmes: 

Or one of two Master’s degree programmes:

Applying and selection criteria

You can apply to a maximum of six degree programmes in Finland using just one joint application form. The eligibility requirements for Bachelor’s programmes are Finnish Matriculation examination or an upper secondary vocational qualification completed in Finland, International Baccalaureate Diploma or other upper secondary school diploma that provides the eligibility to apply for higher education in Finland. For more details check required certificates. To be eligible for a Master’s programme you must have completed Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and have at least three years of subsequent work experience. Student admission is based on entrance examination and/or SAT Test results.

The spring joint application to higher education takes place in two parts. The first application period 9.01-23.01 is mainly for the degree programmes taught in English and the second one is in 20.3.-3.4.2019 mainly for the degree programmes taught in Finnish. An application form can be submitted online at 

Here are more details on how to apply!