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International week 2019

The international week at Laurea will be organised 25th - 29th March 2019. The overall theme will be Everyday Innovations.

Laurea International Week 2019 -  Everyday Innovations

Laurea International Week 2019 will be organised on the campus of Tikkurila (in the city of Vantaa), 25th - 29th March 2019. The week is open for both teaching and non-teaching staff from Laurea´s partner institutions.

We will offer a common programme and networking opportunities for all participants as well as classes for teaching staff and workshops for non-teaching staff.

Practical information regarding your visit

We have gathered an info package where you can learn about the transportation options and hotels during your visit. You can learn about the practicalities here

Here is a Guidebook which shows the different campuses.

Here are individual programmes for teaching and non-teaching staff.

A joint programme for teaching and non-teaching staff:

Monday 25th March:

11 - 13: Registration. Room B505-506, 5th floor

13 - 14: Opening words. Auditorium B101, 1st floor

14 - 16: Campus Innovation Walk with Laurea staff

17 - 20: Get-together Dinner, hosted by Laurea


Tuesday 26th March:

09 - 12: Presentations of home universities and units. 1st and 2nd floor lobbies

  • Guests will be presenting the home university at stands to Laurea students and staff. 

10 - 13: (optional) Pop-In Afro Dance Studio for some happy moves. Room B403, 4th floor

10 - 14: (optional) Pop-In Beauty and cosmetics laboratory. Room B201, 2nd floor

12 - 13: Lunch break

13 - 16: Introduction to Online International Learning (OIL). Room B303, 3rd floor

  • OIL can be a joint study unit with an international partner utilizing digital tools

16 - 19: (optional) A visit to Fazer Visitor Center (a chocolate factory) in Vantaa. There is a guided tour on extensive product selection as well as on innovations. The tour is for all five senses.


Wednesday 27th March:

09 - 12: Lectures (teaching staff) or workshops (non-teaching staff) according to your planned programme

10 - 13: (optional) Pop-In Afro Dance Studio for some happy moves. Room B403, 4th floor

12 - 13: Lunch break

13 - 16: Lectures (teaching staff) or workshops (non-teaching staff) according to your planned programme

16:00 - : Reception hosted by City of Vantaa - an emerging airport city with Aviapolis, a unique concentration of services, residential areas and business options.


Thursday 28th March:

10 - 12: Finnish language and culture. Room B409, 4th floor

12 - 13: Lunch break

13 - 16: Lectures (teaching staff) or workshops (non-teaching staff) according to your planned programme

16 - 19: (optional) A Finnish all-season outdoor recreational center with many saunas in Kuusijärvi in Vantaa

16 - 19: (optional) Oodi  in Helsinki - a newly opened flagship library, which provides a variety of innovative services.


Friday 29th March:

09 - 11: Networking and Feedback. Room B505-506, 5th floor 

11 - 12: Certificates and Refreshments. Room B505-506, 5th floor


An article for Laurea Journal

We offer an opportunity to publish an article at Laurea Journal for those interested. Laurea Journal is an online magazine that features articles and blog texts for a professional audience. If you are interested in writing an article please note that the deadline is Monday 11.3.2019. Please find more detailed information about the required publishing process here.

Everyday Innovations

Our international week consists of innovative workshops, lectures and networking opportunities.

Everyday innovations may include:

  • Innovations within social and health care
  • Business and circular economy innovations
  • Service design innovations
  • Innovative entrepreneurship
  • Security related innovations
  • ICT innovations
  • Innovative educational and pedagogical approaches
  • Good practices and innovations in correctional services
  • Innovations in beauty and cosmetics
  • From weak signals to future innovations



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