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‘Friends of Learning’ team is developing solution to the challenges of continuous learning in the HACK-ED competition

Laurea’s Service Business and Management students made it through to the next round of The University of Applied Sciences of the Future competition with their chosen theme of continuous learning.

The University of Applied Sciences of the Future -hackathon, organised jointly by the Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (Arene) and the University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland (SAMOK), challenges students to brainstorm the future of university of applied sciences. A total of 12 teams have been selected from among the applicants, and three of these contain Laurea students.

The Philomatheia team includes first year students from Laurea’s Service Business Management Programme Isidora Sofronijevic, Uchechukwu Nwosu, Thomas Rogdakis, Maksim Minenko and Anneli Matila-van Houtum. Thomas explains that the teamwork has got off to a good start:

- It is an honour to represent our school and we are very pleased to be participating in this competition.

Team instructor and Laurea Senior Lecturer Anna Nolvi sees the team’s commitment to the competition as a key strength:

- This is a brilliant and motivated group with an excellent team spirit.

Friends of Learning

The name Philomatheia comes from Greek and means ‘friends of learning’. The team began to develop a solution to two challenges with continuous learning that were connected to their own everyday lives.

- When we were selecting our complementary courses many of us experiences issues in choosing courses that would help us acquire the skills needed in working life. In addition, we had issues with certifying skills, especially soft skills such as presentation and public speaking, explains Isidora.

The team believes that the importance of continuous learning is constantly being emphasised in working life. Their solution will be an app that makes study and career guidance easy and simple, thus responding to the requirements for continuous learning.

- We believe that being able to adapt to changes is necessary, Isidora adds.

In the competition final, the team must present their finished product to the judges. Before that, they will be provided with different networking opportunities. The main objective is that the app developed by the team could be introduced at Laurea.

- The next step for us is to network and explore who could help us bring this idea to life, Isidora says.

Students’ voices are heard

Lecturer Anna Nolvi believes that students will benefit from the competition through the networking and learning opportunities it offers. The most important thing is that the students’ voices are heard.

- Students know best what they need from education and what they are missing. In this competition, they can influence their own future, Anna says.

Isidora and Thomas also believe that the project will benefit them in the future.

- This will be a valuable experience for our future studies and working life, Isidora says.
- It is interesting to find contacts and get to know different people. We are doing something concrete that has the potential to actually change the education system, Thomas adds.

Registration for the networking days is now open and the finals will be streamed on the 14th of April. Read more on the competition website.