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Cookies are used to gather information such how you arrived to the site, web pages viewed and when, web browser being used, operating system and screen resolution in use, and your computer's IP address - which means which wed address you are using to send and receive information.

Using cookie information the number of people visiting the site can be tracked by both Laurea University of Applied Sciences and its cooperative partners, and the service can be analysed and developed in order to serve users even better. In addition, Laurea's cooperative partners may use cookies to help with targeting their advertising; these cookies collect information about visitors' visits to this and also other sites. The information collected by the cookies is used to produce advertising tailored towards the visitor's particular areas of interest. This advertisement targeting does not disclose the personal identity of the visitor, nor is the information gathered by these cookies combined with any other information which may have been gathered from other sources.
The visitor has the option of blocking the use of cookies by adjusting their browser settings so as not to permit the saving of cookies.  The visitor accepts, however, that for some services the blocking of cookies may affect the functionality of the service.

Copyright law

If you notice any material that is in breach of copyright, please contact us by email on verkkopalvelut(at) or by post at the following address:
Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Ratatie 22, FI-01300 Vantaa
Please include in your message:
• your contact information
• specific details of the material for which a removal of access is requested and details of the material's location
• a declaration that the material pertaining to the request is illegally available on the information network.
• a declaration that you are the copyright holder or related right holder or authorised to act on behalf of the right holder.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences is the copyright owner for the pictures and text presented on these pages. The text on these pages can be used for appropriate purposes provided that reference to the source is clearly made. Laurea retains the right to the use of pictures and graphical materials, so these cannot therefore be used externally without permission. In matters regarding copyright, please contact us by email at viestinta(at)







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