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Security work 

Security work at Laurea involves anticipation of hazards, and is implemented in good cooperation with all members of our university community. At Laurea the foundation of security work comprises recognition of dangers, risk analysis and risk management, in which security risks that affect all of our activities are regularly assessed, discussed, and monitored.

Proactive security work following the example of management

At Laurea quality, security, and productivity are interlinked. This means that we have made efforts to enact persevering, risk-based security work which is reflected in all of our activities, and applies to each member of our academic community. Proactive security work is at the centre of all of our activities. This requires a genuine desire and ability by management to see security as a part of everyday activities - this is especially conspicuous in the enthusiasm and commitment of Laurea’s management to the continuous development of security.

President and Security Director work together as torchbearers of security work

With a well-organised security management the entire organisation at Laurea at all of its levels has been made to understand the importance of proactive security work, and in this way personnel has been inspired by the shared efforts on behalf of security. The President is responsible for the security activities of the entire university community, working in collaboration with the Head of Safety and Security in guidance and development tasks linked with security management. The Head of Safety and Security is responsible for the activities of the Security Services of Laurea University of Applied Sciences. Everyday security work is guided and implemented by the campus security officers in collaboration with personnel, students, and stakeholders. Also working in proactive and development tasks of the security activities is a security development group specifically appointed for this task.

Everyone is responsible

At Laurea each member of our university community is responsible for the safe execution of his or her work and assignments. Supervisors are also responsible for keeping the study and work environment safe in all conditions. It is the responsibility of each person to report any deviations from security. 

We at Laurea believe that in a secure environment personnel can calmly concentrate on their own work. Studies have shown that Laurea is a working community that has been found to be safe. We hope that we set a good example as an institution of higher education with a focus on the right to a secure and pleasant study and working environment.



​Contact person

Tiina Ranta
Director of Security