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The Board of Directors 

The Board of Directors carries out tasks according to the Finnish Companies Act, looks after the company's administration, ensures operations run appropriately and makes sure the company is organised and managed according to regulations.‎

The chairman and the members in 2015 – 2017

Chairman​​Heikki Heinimäki, heikki.heinimaki(at)
​Referendary​Jouni Koski, Managing Director
Members​​Petri Graeffe, petri.graeffe(at)
​Sanna Hartikainen, sannahar(at)
​Sini Heino, representative of the Student Union Laureamko, sini.heino(at) 
​Jan Holst, jan.holst(at)
​Ulla Kaukola, representative of the Laurea staff, ulla.kaukola(at)
​Eva Kotiniitty, eva.kotiniitty(at)
​Jarno Lappalainen, jarno.lappalainen(at)
​Tarmo Parviainen, tarmo.parviainen(at)


Vice President Kimmo Hannonen
‎(09) 8868 7219‎, kimmo.hannonen(at)