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Your International University of Applied Sciences​

 The strategic goal of Laurea University of Applied Sciences is to be an international developer of well-being and competitiveness in the metropolitan area in 2020. Our work as a university of applied sciences  (UAS) serving the needs of the area is characterised by our brand promise:together we are stronger — Laurea in Uusimaa region.

The framework for our strategy is laid down by global megatrends that we identified in joint collaboration with one another. The significance of people’s participation, changing knowledge and expertise, technologisation  and globalisation affect the strategic choices of our institution.In drafting our strategy, the Twitter ID #Laurea2020 manifests the  strategic process where all parties interested have had the possibility to be involved, sharing thoughts and developing them digitally, in our social media. To make Laurea’s strategy more practical, we have included authentic comments from the preparation stage, as we are workingtogether building a digitalised university that takes the person into account and values him/her as an individual.

Laurea’s strategy 2020 has seven central themes: your UAS, UAS integrated with working life, the UAS of an entrepreneuring person, the internationalUAS of applied research, a UAS that serves the needs of the region, a responsible UAS and a UAS that values the person. These reflect the following success factors that develop competitive advantage:a) redeeming the service promise, b) future work life and entrepreneur competence, c) solution-centric and ethical activity in the partnership networks and d) cost-efficient operations. The implementation of the  strategy becomes reality in Laurea’s three-year operation and financial plan, refined each year to reflect recent changes.

Our higher education community is integrated with working life and comprised of active and entrepreneuring people whose activities are inharmony with Laurea’s Ethical Code of Conduct. As part of the Finnish higher education system, Laurea University of Applied Sciences concentrates on applied research and professional higher education together with the working life. Fulfilling our service promise for our students and partners every day is an honour!

Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Jouni Koski
President and CEO




Your UAS<img alt="" src="/en/update/Laureaimages/Strategy%202020/01-pikkukuvat-eng.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Your UASLaurea is a choice for various stages of a lifelong journey where competence must be renewed and developed as the world changes.<a href=""><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icgen.gif">your-uas</a>
UAS Integrated with working life<img alt="Laurea UAS integrated with working life" src="/en/update/Laureaimages/Strategy%202020/Integrated-with-working-life.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />UAS Integrated with working lifeThe professional experience emerging at Laurea is unique and responds to the needs of international working life. The Learning by Developing action model (LbD) guarantees a connection to working life and joint development over the course o<a href=""><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icgen.gif">uas-integrated-with-working-life</a>
The UAS of an entrepreneuring person<img alt="UAS of Entrepreneurs" src="/en/update/Laureaimages/Strategy%202020/UAS-Entrepreneuring-Person.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />The UAS of an entrepreneuring personLaurea’s way is best described by an attitude of entrepreneurship, the will to do, experiment, learn and try as an individual and organisation.<a href=""><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icgen.gif">the-uas-of-an-entrepreneuring-person</a>
The international UAS of Applied Research<img alt="UAS of Applied Research" src="/en/update/Laureaimages/Strategy%202020/International-UAS-Applied-Research.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />The international UAS of Applied ResearchLaurea’s applied research produces expertise, solutions and new business, promoting future well-being, security and international competitive advantage.<a href=""><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icgen.gif">the-international-uas-of-applied-research</a>
A UAS that serves the region<img alt="Laurea an UAS that serves the region" src="/en/update/Laureaimages/Strategy%202020/Laurea-Serves-the-Region.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />A UAS that serves the regionAs Laurea, we are where expertise is needed — internationally in Uusimaa. <a href=""><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icgen.gif">a-uas-that-serves-the-region</a>
A responsible UAS<img alt="responsible UAS" src="/en/update/Laureaimages/Strategy%202020/UAS-Responsible.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />A responsible UASLaurea uses natural resources with respect to the environment and works responsibly when using the resources of society. With its activities, Laurea promotes economically, socially and ecologically sustainable development. <a href=""><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icgen.gif">a-responsible-uas</a>
A UAS that values the person<img alt="UAS that values the person" src="/en/update/Laureaimages/Strategy%202020/UAS-that-values-the%20person.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />A UAS that values the personLaurea’s activities are all based on sense of community, social responsibility and creativity. Laurean working and learning activities all consider sustainable and broadly accepted values.<a href=""><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icgen.gif">a-uas-that-values-the-person</a>

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Laurea starts Friendship Family Programme!-.aspx2017-05-17T21:00:00Z<img alt="" height="132" src="/update/Laureankuvat/Tiedotekuvat/_w/green_card-uutinen_jpg.jpg" width="243" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Laurea starts Friendship Family Programme
Jouni Koski: "Three large UAS's uniting their forces in an operational alliance"'s-uniting-their-forces-in-an-operational-alliance.aspx2016-11-27T22:00:00Z<img alt="alliance Helsinki metropolitan are UAS Haaga-Helia Laurea Metropolia" src="/en/update/Laureaimages/News%20pictures/Laurea%20Haaga-Helia%20Metropolia%20liittoumasopimus.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Jouni Koski: "Three large UAS's uniting their forces in an operational alliance"




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