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The Story of Laurea University of Applied Sciences

The two predecessors to Laurea University of Applied Sciences were Vantaa University of Applied Sciences (1992 – 1997) and Espoo-Vantaa University of Applied Sciences (1997 – 2001), both of which were characterised by an international perspective, a network approach, regional development, services, entrepreneurship and working life success in a time of constant change.

This first institutional brand at the end of the 90s offered to students the promise of an opportunity to develop into an expert in working life. This brand was then formed from the following key roles: promoter of  professional development, developer of working life, regional developer, integrator of different skill fields and facilitator of international opportunities.

After the turn of the millennium, emphasis was placed on network skills and a student-centric approach. Particularly in the case of new learning environments, the Learning by Developing operational model began to mould the Laurea brand, delivering on the university's new brand promise Prime Mover. Numerous Centre of Excellence awards for regional impact and RDI activities strengthened the brand, sharpening its competitive edge, building recognition, and increasing interest in Laurea as a place to study, a cooperative partner and place of work.

The renewed Laurea's brand promise "Together we are stronger" describes Laurea's solid regional development role. Laurea is a University of Applied Sciences for the whole region of Uusimaa, and its knowledge and skills are available to the whole area.

Our service promise "We are here for you at Laurea"  is a promise of good learning for our students, and for our cooperative partners a promise of partnership and developing together.



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Laurea Strategy 2020<img alt="Laurea strategy work 2020" src="/en/update/Laureaimages/Image%20link%20images/Laurea-strategic-work-2020.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Laurea Strategy 2020Laurea's strategy work for 2020 has just begun.<a href=""><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icgen.gif">Laurea strategy 2020</a>
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Jouni Koski: "Three large UAS's uniting their forces in an operational alliance"'s-uniting-their-forces-in-an-operational-alliance.aspx2016-11-27T22:00:00Z<img alt="alliance Helsinki metropolitan are UAS Haaga-Helia Laurea Metropolia" src="/en/update/Laureaimages/News%20pictures/Laurea%20Haaga-Helia%20Metropolia%20liittoumasopimus.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Jouni Koski: "Three large UAS's uniting their forces in an operational alliance"
Green Card stimulates student mobility between Helsinki Metropolitan Area UASs<img alt="" src="/update/Laureankuvat/Tiedotekuvat/green_card-uutinen.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Green Card stimulates student mobility between Helsinki Metropolitan Area UASs