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Mentoring in Laurea​

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is communication between an actor (=a student) and a mentor (=an alumnus/alumna). Mentoring is based on the idea that alumni, who have already gathered a few years of working experience, support students on their track to become professionals in their fields of study. Mentoring is one of the oldest and most practical means for alumni to participate in a higher education institution’s operation after graduation. The functionality is based on communication that works both ways, on common factors and on confidentiality.

Typical mentoring themes

Postgraduate studies




Employment abroad


Alumni activity

Developing professional skills

Connecting work and studies

Studying as a parent

What is expected of a mentor and the actor?

  • Mentor: Enthusiasm to share information and to support the actor’s occupational development.
  • Knowing one’s own areas of expertise.
  • Commitment to devote time to face-to-face or online meetings at least once a month.
  • Signing a mentoring contract, agreeing on practical matters with both the actor and the Alumni Relations Coordinator.

How to participate?

  • Students apply to the mentoring program after reading mentor introductions.
  • The desires and backgrounds of both the mentors and the actors will be made use of when forming pairs/groups.
  • Post-graduation working experience of at least three years is recommended for the mentors.
  • The definitive number of mentors depends on the number of students participating in the program.
  • Contact Alumni Relations Coordinator Satu Rintala satu.rintala(at) if you are interested in mentoring.



​For more information

Alumni Relations Coordinator, Satu Rintala