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Course dives in to the basics of management and leadrship through six different themes that include managerial work, self-leadership, human resources management and employment law.


  • Kohderyhmä: Anyone interested in management and leadership
  • Hakuaika: 25.05.2020 - 09.08.2020
  • Ajoitus: 01.10.2020 - 15.12.2020
  • Laajuus: 5 ECTS
  • Sijainti: Virtual
  • Hinta: 75 €

Study unit's learning outcomes

The student is able to

  • analyse and develop his/her activity as a member of the work community and a manager
  • apply labour legislation and collective agreements
  • analyse the work community and promote well-being at work

The course deals with Management and Leadership through six themes:

  • Orientation
  • Management and Leadership
  • Managerial Work
  • Self-leadership
  • Human Resources Management
  • Employment Law

Schelude and materials

Various material, literature, videos, all online. There are no contact lessons during the course. The students work independently. Six learning themes with various assignments.


Grading is between 0 - 5.