Education without borders: winners of the writing competition


International Higher Education -  What is it to you?

Laurea Kerava organized a writing competition with Professor Alan Barrell (Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, UK) that was open to all Laurea students. We are now proud to announce the winners!

Winners: Jessica Paananen & Adeyanju Alade (A trip to Cambridge, UK)

Runners- up: Annika Fagerholm, Tiia Pitkonen, Suvi Lamminpää (Book vouchers & teleconference with a representative of Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, UK)

Honorable mentions: Ilkka Mantere, Kimmo Loukonen, Anoja Peethambaran, Miriam Unland (Book vouchers)

All winners will also receive a letter of commendation from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.

All winning essays will also be published in Laurea Intra, Laurea net pages as well as a Laurea publication and on websites in the United Kingdom.

All winners will be contacted personally via e-mail.