LbD Conference 2012 - Creativity in Higher Education took place in Laurea Leppävaara on May 8th - 11th, 2012

LbD Conference 2012 took place in Laurea Leppävaara on May 8th - 11th, 2012. The conference was successful in hosting about 190 participants from over 20 different countries. Among the participants there were a lot of people who have participated in the previous LbD Conferences as well but the 2012 conference attracted plenty of new-comers also. The overall feedback on the conference has been positive:

“Excellent experience as always.”

“Thank you! Multidisciplinarity is the key in education research today.”

 “I learned a lot and improved my professional skills.”

“This one was the best LbD Conference I have attended. The topic was very interesting and inspiring!”

The conference programme was divided on four days; May 8th-9th being the pre-conference days and May 10th-11th the main conference days. The pre-conference consisted of workshops held by Peter Kelly, Vesa Taatila and Arthur Lindemanis. The main conference in turn started with two excellent keynote sessions given by Charles Snow and Holger berg and continued with altogether over 50 presentations on four different paper tracks. Based on feedback from 2010 each presentation was given a 30 minute time slot and the participants could change to another session between presentations. This arrangement received quite positive feedback from the participants:

“It was great that the presentations were only 30 minutes so it was very varied. And we had the opportunity to choose between different subjects, which was also very useful.”

All the presentations from the conference are available on the conference web page.

After the conference programme, on Friday (May 11th) afternoon, conference guests had a great opportunity to experience Finland by joining the unique cultural post-conference programme in UNESCO World Heritage Site Suomenlinna. The programme included a guided tour and a dinner in a local restaurant.

The LbD Conference Proceedings 2012 will be published as a special issue under the Interdisciplinary Studies Journal ( next autumn.