19.9.2011 0:00
Welcome to ConnectED networking event on 22nd of September
ConnectED is a event about networking, for networking and for You to sharpen your skills at networking. We have all heard a thousand times about the importance of networking and personal contacts.
In Connect ED™ we will have exellent speakers from all angles of networking and different kinds of actual networking exercises to get full benefit out of this event.  The events speakers include Rasmus Nyberg, CEO of Creo Consulting, Paul Brennan, CEO of Jolly Dragon and Antti Seppinen the Finnish "Apprentice" 2010 Winner  and Laurea Alumni Chairman.
Your future career, our next job and your next success will most likely be  because of your networks. So get connected, brought to you by LaureaES, Laurea Alumni and  Laurea Leppävaara.