Summer Loans - How to loan books for the whole summer and avoid fines?
          Enjoy your holiday, read and rest!
Library is offering extended loaning periods to keep books through the summer without having to renew them every other week. Just follow the timetable below. First come first serve!

Timetable for Summer Loans:
  • Summer loans will be offered starting from Mon 28.5.2012 at 9 o'clock onwards.
  • Due date for summer loans is Wed  5.9.2012

Attention! Renew your loans before leaving for summer holiday. Books loaned before Mon 28th May will not automically get a long loaning period, so you have to remember to renew them. ‎

Summer Opening Hours:
  • Laurea Library closes for summer on Fri 15.6.2012 and 
  • reopens on Mon 13.8.2012.
  • In June and July some of the Laurea Libraries are having short opening hours, check them out on the unit library web pages.

(Photo: Slack12 Creative commons -photgraph)

 Summer loans - what to do?

​Renew or loan books on Mon  28.5.2012 or after that
- You get a due date Wed 5.9.2012.

Only by renewing the books you have on your account you avoid the overdue fines in the autumn!